A place for TC'ers to hang out without the drama of TC itself.

    Introduction & Basics


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    Introduction & Basics

    Post  Admin on Tue Oct 18, 2011 11:33 pm

    Hello my dears :]

    Welcome to the TC website I was talking about making the other day.

    Only, this isn't a TC website - it's a TC'ers website.
    A place where we can chill without the troubles of TC itself.

    Here there is:

    No swear filter - I'm not saying go cuss each other out, I'm just stating a fact.
    No red box (Sorry Payton, but he's been hogging you!)
    A monthly poll on who should be "manager(s)".
    No trolls, invaders, or annoying noobs asking if you're Team Edward or Team Jacob.
    No danger of getting reported over your story.

    I'd like to say no drama, but that lies with us. There's no one else to blame but ourselves for TC's drama, because it is/was caused by TC'ers.

    Now, before I go into speach mode let's change the subject ;D

    There's "forums" and "topics". Forums are what you see on the home page and are like clubs.

    I intend to make a category just for roleplays and possibly stories.

    In each forums are topics. They're like our topics.
    To post on a topic just hit 'reply' and start typing.
    You can also quote as well, though I don't know if you can edit a quote or not (like Danny has a habit of doing --") as I haven't tested it.

    I'll put up some more detailed intructions on how to use this thing-y later, after I figure it out myself xD

    In the mean time, poke around and make topics ;D

    -Suesen aka CuzImBatman

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    Re: Introduction & Basics

    Post  Lyndie on Thu Oct 20, 2011 5:10 pm

    Can you make a forum just for us talking? I figure this one would be for le noobs, and I have no clue where to post things.

    I like their smilies.
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